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Parts for ”McElroy”

Item # 086

Item # 021

Item # 074

Replacement  Speed-Weights Set

(Will also fit 1937-40 McElroy)

1/4” Thick x 7/8” OD Size

Price $28.50 per pair + S&H

Replacement  Flat Thumb-Piece (For mid~late McElroy)

Price $9.25 each + S&H

Counter Sunk Screws Holes

Replacement Knob

(For McElroy)

(Styled After Original)

Price $13.00 each +S&H

Same OD & Thickness  As Orignals


These weight sets are polished “Stainless Steel” w/ Nickel Plated Thumb-screws. These sets weight .2oz less than the original pair because they are made from stainless.

Item # 096

Item # 136

Item # 072

1.9oz 7/8” OD


Fits (McElroy)

Price $20.00 each + S&H

Replacement Dit Contact

with mounting screw

Fits 1935~42 (McElroy) not for Vibroplex

Price $21.50 + S&H


McElroy Bug Key Pivots

Slotted 10-32 x .580” L (1 Pair)

Price $3.00 + S&H


Fit’s McElroy bugs, 1934~1942 era.

Stainless Steel screw used to ensure positive flat spring connection to mounting collar. Collar is not Chrome Plated but is made from Silver Nickel. Over time it will slightly haze a little just like Nickel Plating does and have a somewhat similar appearance to Nickel Plating.

Silver Contact / Quality Made!

(I personally make these!)

Item # 069

Replacment McElroy Contact Bar

Screw Insulator Sleeves

Fits 8-32 Screw  (2 Pair)

Price $1.00 pair + S&H


McElroy Bumpers 1934 ~ early 40’s

3pc Bumper Pack

Price $4.00 Plus S&H

Stainless Screw Kit

for 1938B / Standard Model McElroy Bug

38 pcs kit $10.50 + S&H

Item # 089

Stainless Knurled Thumb Nuts

8-32 / Straight Pattern

Pk of (2) Price $3.00 + S&H

Item # 117

Straight Knurl Thumb Nuts

Similar Style to (McElroy)

8-32 Thread

Item # 107

Stainless Screw Kit

For P-500

McElroy Bug Key

36 pcs kit  $9.00 + S&H

< Pure

Silver Contact


Same Physical Dimensions As 1937~40 MAC Set


This knob is now being shipped with a “aged” look. What's different? Just the glossy sheen has been removed. This makes it appear to be an even better match with the time era.

Item # 038

< Silver Nickel

Mounting Collar