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Parts for Military J-38 & Other Hand Keys

Item # 092

Item # 091

Item # 097

Replacement Hand Key Knob

(For J-38) & others

/ 8-32 Full thread

Hand Key Version

Price $13.00 each + S&H

Replacement Closure Switch Knob (For J-38) and others

8-32 Threaded Stud

Hand Key Version

Price $10.00 each + S&H

Replacement Hand Key Knob

(Straight Shank Version

 / 8-32 Full thread

Hand Key Version

Price $13.00 each + S&H

Skirt & Knob  Installed on Lionel J-38

Item # 132

Item # 123

(3-pc)  J-38 Knob / Skirt Kit

Shorting Strap (Rear) J-38

Lionel Knob / Skirt Kit Shown Installed On A Lionel J-38

Will also fit Signal Electric rectangular base, Speed-X 320 series.

Skirt Installation Requires The use of our knob with extended length 8-32 threaded stud.


The washer goes on the underside of the skirt.

 The spacer is used only on the

Lionel Model J-38

Lionel J-38 Knob / Skirt Kit

(I Originally designed this for the Lionel  J-38)

But it will also fit most all other models of US Manf J-38’s

Kit includes Knob Skirt & Knob with an extended length 8-32 threaded stud plus .100” spacer washer.

Price $20.00 each + S&H

Replacement Rear Shorting Strap (For J-38)

Fits USA Manfactured Military Key

Price $6.50 each + S&H


The above J-38 style knob is now being shipped with a “aged” look. What's different? Just the glossy sheen has been removed. This makes it appear to be an even better match with the time era.

If for some reason you prefer it still glossy add a note at the bottom of your PayPal Payment in the little PayPal  NOTE* section box.